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Thesis Defense (10 December 2018)

Before graduating, students finishing their thesis present the results of their intensive scientific research. ... research, neuroscience, thesis ... Thesis Defense

#PubhD is back! (17 September 2019)

their thesis subject in a pub, in no more than 10 minutes. Their mission? Be comprehensible to a large audience, including non-academic, without powerpoint presentation or scientific language. Their award ... PubhD is a monthly event open to a large audience which takes place in twenty European cities. At each PubhD, 3 PhD students from different disciplines - the speakers - present their thesis subject

#Doctoral Graduation Ceremony (23 January 2020)

For the first time since its creation, the University of Bordeaux honoured the doctors of the 8 doctoral schools who defended their thesis in 2019. This event was an opportunity to highlight

PhD seminar series 2019-2020 (17 September 2019)

The mensual seminars are specially organised by the Bordeaux Neurocampus and the NBA for the PhD students of the Program during their thesis in the Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories. They are also

# Event: Kick-off meeting for PhD students (29 November 2019)

 "Graduate Program Spirit"! :o)  You are all very highly encouraged to attend this event and especially the PhD students beginning their thesis, whose presence is mandatory. We count on your presence! 

Transverse Training (23 January 2020)

with their thesis supervisor and their research and professional project. Various topics are available such as scientific ethics, scientific communication, language and communication skills, training to teaching

International academic partnerships (24 January 2019)

keep structuring and developing these academic partnerships mainly through thesis co-supervision to sustain and strengthen high-value scientific collaborations. International mobility Moreover

# Awards opportunities for students and young researchers (14 January 2019)

researchers every year: PhD thesis awards: 1000 € for a PhD work performed in France - Deadline: January 31st Student awards - NeuroFrance 2019 meeting: exemption of the NeuroFrance 2019 meeting

PhD Program overview (02 September 2019)

, entrepreneurship and career development… A large offer is available to allow student to draw up personalized training plan in accordance with their thesis supervisor and their research and professional project. Get more

How to apply (20 December 2019)

Applications opportunities The main way to enter the PhD Program and start a thesis in Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories is to apply to the Life and Health Science Doctoral School selection