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The Graduate Program (23 January 2019)

Overview The Graduate Program focuses on research training, knowledge and innovation, from Master to Doctorate. It provides high value and cross-disciplinary training from fundamental to applied ... The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program is an innovative and cross-disciplinary international training program in Neuroscience including a Master of Science (MSc) and a Doctoral Program (PhD). ... The Graduate Program

PhD Program overview (02 September 2019)

Program research topics The program addresses a wide range of research topics on the complexity of brain functions and diseases. The teams and partners have diverse as well as complementary ... The Doctoral Program is a 3-year full-time training to neuroscience research within the Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories. ... PhD Program overview

#Doctoral Graduation Ceremony (23 January 2020)

this highlight, marking the end of their doctoral studies, with a specimen of their doctoral diploma on stage. The ceremony was hosted by Mathieu Vidard, science journalist and producer of the program La Terre au ... The first Doctoral Graduation Ceremony at the University of Bordeaux took place at the Pin Galant on January 11th 2020. It has been an intense and successful moment for all! ... #Doctoral Graduation Ceremony

About us (24 January 2019)

The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program trains the next generation of scientists and researchers on increasingly sophisticated concepts and technologies. The training is based on ... -disciplinary and integrated - Master to Doctorate - international program in Neuroscience.

How to apply (20 December 2019)

Applications opportunities The main way to enter the PhD Program and start a thesis in Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories is to apply to the Life and Health Science Doctoral School selection ... The PhD Program selects the best local and international students. There are 2 main ways to enter the Program: - through the Life and Health Science Doctoral School - through the Bordeaux

Training activities (27 May 2019)

The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program includes access to disciplinary and transverse training according to the rules of the Doctoral School. The Graduate Program offers and developps additional

International PhD mobility (29 November 2019)

Mobility programs: The primary way to obtain a mobility grant is to apply to one of the different existing financial aids listed on the Graduate Research School website    In addition ... Modalités d'aide à la mobilité internationale Doctorale du Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program ... The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program offers additional fellowships to support short-term and long-term international mobility projects of all PhD students in Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories.

Master program (29 January 2019)

The program structure offers various opportunities for students from different backgrounds and nationalities to enter the Master Program through different tracks. ... The Master in Neuroscience is an international higher educational program. The pedagogical approach aims at providing students with excellent skills in various and complementary fields ... Master program

Invitation for PhD students to the Tsukuba Global Science Week (Tsukuba, Japan) - Apply now! (28 June 2019)

international exchanges. Topics include medical science and life science. This session will be organized by Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences, Doctoral Program in Clinical Sciences, Ph

Master Program Overview (10 September 2019)

MSc Program topics  The MSc Program addresses a wide range of topics from cellular and molecular to behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. The training offer includes neuroscience and cross ... The Neuroscience Master Program is an intensive 2-years training which includes cross-disciplinary courses, workshops, and internships. ... Master Program Overview