Monthly PhD Seminars Serie in Neuroscience

Every month, open seminars are organized by the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program and PhD students of the Neuroscience Bordeaux Association (NBA) with renown local and international scientists on various and specific advanced neuroscience topics. They are part of the disciplinary training of the Program.

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These seminar series allows students to develop a wide scientific view of neuroscience research and provide them with broad knowledge.


1. To develop the student’s vision of neuroscience beyond their own field of research.
2. To create a moment of exchange of ideas, information, and debate around a defined neuroscientific theme.
3. To develop interaction between students and researchers.


1. This seminar series in neuroscience for doctoral students is composed by a seminar that will take place once a month throughout the academic year.
2. Each session covers a different thematic field of neuroscience ensuring the representation of every Bordeaux Neurocampus axis.
3. The doctoral students in charge of the organization choose the speaker and the themes while respecting gender parity in their choice.
4. Each session of the seminar will include an oral presentation by the guest researcher, followed by a scientific discussion with the doctoral students.

Calendar 2021-2022

Friday 1 October / 14:00 – Vladan LUCIC (Max Planck – Munich, DE)
Architecture of trans-synaptic assemblies at the single nanometer scale

Friday 29 October / 11:30 – Homaira NAWABI (GIN – Grenoble, FR)
Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of CNS repair

Friday 3 December / 11:00 – Adam Packer (University of Oxford, UK) // Mind the time! *
All-optical technologies for interrogation of neural codes and their transmission
In the frame of the Cajal lecture series.

Friday 7 January / 11:30 – Linda DOUW (UMC – Amsterdam, NL)
Multilayer brain networks and cognitive decline

Friday 4 February / 11:30 – Mackenzie MATHIS (EPFL – Lausanne, CH)
Measuring and modeling the sensorimotor system with machine learning

Friday 4 March / 11:30 – Abid OUESLATI (CRCHU – Laval, CA)
Unveiling the role of alpha-synuclein clustering and Lewy body formation in Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis

Friday 1 April / 11:30 – Barry EVERITT (Univ. of Cambridge, UK)
Desperately seeking drugs: associate and non-associative mechanisms

Friday 6 May / 11:30 – Matthew GRUBB (King’s college – London, UK)
Functional recovery and plasticity during naturally occurring neuronal regeneration

Friday 3 June / 11:30 – Ana DOMINGOS (Univ. of Oxford, UK)

Meet the speaker!

PhD students
You are invited to meet the guest speaker around some pizzas (sanitary pass is mandatory).
Deadline to register: 48h prior the event
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* The seminar on December 3rd is also in the frame of the Cajal school. The meeting around pizzas will be replaced by another moment. More details soon.

If you want to meet a speaker, please contact the NBA


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