International Program: Build the bridge between Academa and Industry

Being mentored by a leader (a SPONSOR) is the active career support within an organization that has the power and significant influence on decision-making processes and career evolution. The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program and Eylem Demir Sentürk – Founder & CEO of Women on Stage (Basel) joined forces to tune together two parallel professional worlds: Academia and Industry and help our students to navigate between those worlds.

 Benefits for the MSc and PhD students/graduates

  • Increase the visibility of MSc and PhD students/graduates within the corporate world
  • Access to job market & hidden positions
  • Close collaboration between Academy & Industry
  • Attracting new students nationally & internationally (e.g., from Industry)
  • Being prepared for the next level role by a senior and influential leader
  • Learning from the skills & experiences of a powerful leader
  • Increase network

Benefits for the Sponsor

  • Access to hidden talent/s
  • Winning a hidden talent for the own company with zero costs
  • Contribution to the increase of young researchers, highly qualified individuals, with a different mindset, within the company & country

 Application & Selection

  • Open for MSc and Ph.D. students (or recent alumni) of the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program
  • Applications:
    • CV
    • 3 min pitch video
    • Motivation letter
      • Interest to move to the industry
      • Which kind of area/position do you imagine yourself? (ex: editorial, startup/scientific writing, etc)
      • Mobility: France and/or international?
      • Expectations from the program

Phase 1: Profiling the selected candidates

  • Strength assessment
  • Individual analysis of the CV

Phase 2: Workshops series

  • Update of CVs and LinkedIn profile plus individual revision of CVs
  • Preparation for interview + elevator pitch
  • Communication skills

Phase 3: Mingle & Kick-off event

  • Selected industries will present themselves to the audience, present areas of expertise and job opportunities
  • Speed dating candidate vs. sponsor

Phase 4: Mentoring/Sponsorship

  • Regular meetings between the sponsor and the candidate aim to exchange experiences and advice; consisting in a mutual enrichment process to share knowledge, experience, network, support, and encouragement.
  • The sponsor will guide the candidates to better understand and value both their scientific and transversal skills broadening their career perspectives

Phase 5: Follow-up

  • Preparation and mock interview for the first job invitation
  • Aftermath on the employment rate 

Updated on 19/01/2022