How to apply

The PhD Program selects the best local and international students. There are 2 main ways to enter the Program: - through the Life and Health Science Doctoral School - through the Bordeaux Neurocampus itself

PhD students - Promotion 2018/2019 PhD students - Promotion 2018/2019

Applications opportunities

  • The main way to enter the PhD Program and start a thesis in Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories is to apply to the Life and Health Science Doctoral School selection in May and pass the exam in July.

> Get more information on the Life and Health Science Doctoral School Website and/or contact Nathalie Vignais at 

  • The Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program also offers additional PhD positions to excellent local and international applicants through its own selection process. Students can apply to the Graduate Program "PhD call" as detailed below:

Application requirements to the PhD call 

  • Hold a Master degree or equivalent in a relevant discipline (Applicants are expected to hold their Master diploma upon registration at the very latest)
  • Prove excellent academic and scientific level 
  • Demonstrate previous experience in a research laboratory 
  • Have an adequate level of English to participate in courses, projects, seminars, workshops, etc.

Admission process of the PhD call 

Admission to the PhD Program via the specific PhD call involves 4 steps: 

  1. Online application (pre-selection step): personal details, reference and documents to provide
  2. A 30-minute personal interview (selection step) in person at Bordeaux Neurocampus or via Skype: presentation of applicant's academic background, research experience, and motivation for top 3 projects among a list of PhD research projects ** 
  3. Discussion and final validation with the PhD supervisor (the applicant is invited to directly contact and organize meetings with the supervisors of his/her preferred PhD research projects during his/her stay)
  4. Registration at the Life and Health Science Doctoral School of the University of Bordeaux

**The list of available PhD research projects will be published after the pre-selection step, within the interview session, and may be updated within the official notification of successful applicants. Before that, applicants are highly encouraged to find out about the specific expertise and projects led by the different laboratories of Bordeaux Neurocampus and which could be of interest for them.

PhD call calendar

Calendar PhD call

Fees and Fundings 

  • PhD positions are offered upon application to cover full-time salary (up to 36 months)
  • Mobility grants are available upon application 
  • Annual registration fees are calculated according to the University of Bordeaux rules and regulations fees 


Awarded students need to register to the University of Bordeaux Graduate School and the Doctoral School ED SVS.

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Updated on 20/12/2019