The second edition of BrainStorm Journal is out now!

The BrainStorm Journal has been created to encourage and allow MSc and PhD students to own their very first scientific publications.

  • 03/01/2023

What's in this new edition? The master student Vasika Venugopal wrote a nice review about the role of microRNAs in neurodevelopment. Don't forget that even if these RNAs don't code for proteins they have their place in neuronal function! In addition, the PhD student Théo Gauvrit wrote a letter entitled The temptation of artificial intelligence, in which he reflects on our relationship as humans with AI. Don't miss these two great publications!

And of course if you want to participate you just need to send us a message:
Our editorial board will be in close touch with you, not only with guidelines for scientific writing, but also with constant feedback. Have a look at our first edition, and read the works of your fellow scientists! You can be a part of this initiative too! Download our issues online or find the printed versions in the hall of each Neurocampus Institute.

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