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An entrepreneurship course has been especially developped partly in English this year for all PhD students. It will occur from June 17th to 21th + 25th morning. The Graduate Program supports the Graduate School of the Collège des Ecoles Doctorale (CED) in this action in order to actively support its PhD students in neuroscience in their carreer plans.

  • 29/05/2019

Good Luz - Fotolia Good Luz - Fotolia

The objective is to open students'mind and give them a broader vision about the jobs opportunities that they could have, also outside accademia -including potential start up creation one day- all based on entrepreneurship spirit, innovative pedagogical tools and methods.

The main topics will be research valorisation, business model creation, pattent protection, financial approach... This training aims at providing students with complementary soft skills in leadership, communication, innovation, value creation, critical thinikg, financial tools...

Consult the detailed program and register at the following link before June 10th: https://www.adum.fr/script/formations.pl?mod=202839&site=UBX 

For more information, please feel free to contact Blanche Masclef at formationdoctorat@u-bordeaux.fr 

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