Grant-Writing Skills for Early-Stage Researchers: Remote Learning Workshop - May 2021

  • 18/02/2021

Grant-Writing Skills for Early-Stage Researchers: Remote Learning Workshop


Instructor: Dr. Julia Staykova-McKinnon for Scriptorium



Target group: experienced PhDs and postdocs (junior and senior) applying for independent funding.

Format: podcast lectures supported by slides, with several group discussion sessions

Time commitment: ~11-12 hours, including self-study and group work. Live meetings on Zoom: ~4.5 hours. Self-study: podcasts listening time ~220 minutes + assignments ~1.5-2 hours.

Free materials: link to podcast sessions active for 1 week; downloadable PowerPoint slides.

Technology: Zoom for conference calls, Scriptorium website for podcasts

Language of instruction: English


Quick description. Grant reviewers say that many wonderful projects do not get funded because the idea was not communicated clearly enough. Excellent science is not enough for writing a successful research application. To get funded, you also need excellent grantsmanship. So how do you make sure the advantages of your work are understood and appreciated? In this workshop, you will learn how to:


  1. Interpret correctly your application form and evaluation criteria: examples requested by the group will be discussed.
  2. Use strong structure in State of the Art, Objectives, and Methodological Programme – the key scientific sections of any proposal;
  3. Provide clear, convincing answers to the key requirements of novelty, feasibility, methodological complexity, and project impact (added value);
  4. Write a statement on the future trajectory of your career and consider where to fit it into the application packet.
  5. Make the most of your academic record in the CV, using a 2-page CV limit as a guideline.


Lessons learnt will be transferred in the final decision from the context of applying for fellowships to applying for your next research positions. The focus will be on similarities in preparing your application packet in both cases.


Schedule for live sessions and self-study

10 May Monday, 15:00-16:00Paris time: workshop launch

+ self-study: prepare your key messages

11 May Wednesday and 12 May Thursday, 15:00-16:30 – small-group meetings for groups 1 and 2

+ self-study: podcast lecture series and analysis of funded examples

17 May Monday, 14:00-16:00: final discussion


You can receive a certificate specifying that the workshop took 10-12h (1/2 ECTS).  

Contact: Cristina Lemos