Scientific Board

The Program is carefully managed by a scientific board that meets regularly to support the implementation of the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program.

The Executive Committee

Photo CM
  • Christophe Mulle, Research Director CNRS, Scientific Director
Photo DC
  • Denis Combes, Professor UB, Academic Officer
Photo AN
  • Agnès Nadjar, Full Professor UB, Partnerships Officer
  • Cristina Lemos
  • Cristina Lemos, Program Manager

The Steering Committee

  • The Executive Committee
  • Master tracks representatives: Daniel Voisin & Jacques Micheau (NeuroBim); Marc Landry & Pascal Fossat (EMN Online); Philippe De Deurwaerdere (Regular track); Muriel Darnaudery & Thomas Michelet (Multi public track); Elena Avignone (Master 2)
  • Research Unit representatives: Nathalie Sans & Mireille Montcouquiol (Magendie); Mathieu Wolff & Gwenaëlle Catheline (INCIA); David Perrais & Matthieu Letellier (IINS); Thomas Boraud & Arthur Leblois (IMN); Xavier Fioramonti & Guillaume Ferreira (Nutri Neuro); Jean-Arthur Micoulaud Franchi & Elemarje Aeltena (Sanpsy)
  • NBA Students association representative: Sophie Gauthier (NBA's President)
  • Medical/Science dual program representative:Thomas Bienvenu 

The supporting staff of the University of Bordeaux' Graduate Research School:

  • EUR manager, Amandine Brizio
  • EUR internationalization assistant, Charline Norbert
  • EUR administrative assistant, Emmanuelle Magnier

Join us

The program is hiring a grant officer. Do not hesitate to send us your application at

Updated on 11/05/2021