Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association (NBA)

The NBA (Neuroscience in Bordeaux Association) was created in 2012 by and for students in Neuroscience from Bordeaux University. All students from Master and PhD Program are highly encouraged to enter the NBA network and attend various events and scientific conferences.


The association is composed of full members and associate members from France and all over the world. All members are current students or alumni students from Bordeaux Neurocampus Master or PhD Program.


NBA is an active association dedicated to students and offers different services such as:

  • Facilitate welcoming and support for new students in Neuroscience in Bordeaux
  • Set up an intergenerational network favoring exchanges and cohesion between Master students and PhD students in Neuroscience in Bordeaux. Each member will be able to share its experiences with others.
  • Become a privileged interlocutor between students, the educational committee of the Master’s degree and the Science Life and Health Doctoral School of Bordeaux
  • Contribute to disseminate scientific knowledge in Neuroscience to the general public through the organization and/or the participation in meetings (e.g., Neurodon, Semaine du Cerveau, Pint of Science)

Updated on 19/02/2019

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Sophie Gauthier
NBA Presidente
146 rue Léo Saignat
BP 64 – 33076 BORDEAUX