Bordeaux Neurocampus Laboratories

Bordeaux Neurocampus is a dynamic international community of neuroscientists that counts 50 research groups with over 700 scientists working in the various laboratories with topics covering all the fields of modern Neuroscience research.

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Fields of expertise 

Bordeaux Neurocampus research laboratories address a wide range of topics on the complexity of brain functions and diseases. The teams and partners have diverse as well as complementary expertise, that includes: high-resolution imaging and cell biology of the neuron, animal and human behavior and cognition, physiology of neural networks, sensorimotor information processing, mechanisms of neurodegenerative and mental disorders, neuroinflammation, addiction and the links between nutrition and the brain. Multidisciplinary technological approaches and multiscale analyses are employed at the molecular, cellular, systemic, behavioral, and clinical levels.  

Research laboratories

The laboratories are organized in 6 institutes and research units affiliated to the CNRS, the INSERM and the INRA.

Support to the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is fully supported and integrated into the vibrant and international research community of Bordeaux Neurocampus:

  • Lecturers, professors and thesis supervisors are actively involved in research projects within Bordeaux Neurocampus laboratories
  • Students benefit from the cutting-edge core facilities of Bordeaux Neurocampus and of the Bordeaux School of Neuroscience fully dedicated to hands-on training and workshops
  • The program is fully embedded in the activities of Bordeaux Neurocampus, allowing attending frequent seminars and international conferences.


Updated on 23/01/2019

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